Using her deep connection to the spirit world, built up through practising mediumship and developing her healing skills, Sandie also offers Trance Healing (also called Spiritual Healing).

What is Trance / Spiritual Healing?

Trance Healing (also called Spiritual Healing) is a treatment which will compliment any treatment you may be having from a doctor or other specialist.  This type of healing is totally non-invasive and is intended to promote better health.

During the process Sandie will connect with her Spiritual Guides who will identify any areas which need healing or treatment from the Spiritual world and then using Sandie’s body as a physical channel they will channel their healing energy to you.  The process is very gentle, you will be invited to sit and relax while your spirit guides guide you into relaxation.  Once Sandie has connected with her spirit guides she will place her hand on your back.  Healing will channel through Sandie into your body and will be sent to the specific areas which require it at that time.  Depending on the ailment Sandie may be guided to place a hand on your shoulder, head, arm etc. if specific intensive healing is required.  This will never take place without discussion with the client in advance and permission being obtained.


What types of ailments can benefit from trance healing?

Basically any type of ailment can benefit from this type of treatment including: physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions.

Clients may come with a specific physical ailment such as arthritis in a hand or persistent migraines; however equally you will feel a benefit from this type of treatment if you have been feeling down emotionally or suffering from stress.  There are countless ways to benefit.  In fact some people without specific complaints find themselves benefitting from a session for issues such as low self-esteem, lack of energy or enthusiasm.  In fact clients have reported a marked improvement in their day to day well-being and overall enthusiasm following a session.


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By booking a reading online you are confirming that you have read and agree with the Terms & Conditions published below:

1. This healing is NOT intended at any stage to replace professional treatment, Sandie has not had any medical training in the physical world and therefore will not be able to prescribe or diagnose anything.  If you are currently under the advice or care of a doctor you should continue with this treatment.  This healing is only intended to compliment this primary care, and also to give you the strength to continue with traditional treatments.

2. Sandie may, at her discretion, bring along a chaperone when providing healing.  This of course is for your protection as well as hers.  If you are nervous about receiving healing, or feel that you would like to bring someone along with you of course you are welcome to do so.  This however will be limited to one person only

3. At this time healing will only be provided in person and no requests for distant healing will be entertained, responded to or acted upon.

4. Those taking part in holistic healing sessions acknowledge that this work is primarily faith-based and are willing to participate and learn for their own personal growth and spiritual healing.

5. Any monies given are for time spent only, and do not guarantee a specific outcome.

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