Numerology (or numberology as some may call it) is more than just the meaning of numbers and mathematics. Besides giving you an interpretation of how your individual, unique numbers may affect you, numerology can answer some fundamental questions that you may have posed to yourself at some point in your life. Who do you think it is that defines your world? Is it you? On the other hand, is it perhaps a divine source working within you?

Pythagorean Numerology, the most common form used in the western world, was devised by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who developed the theorems which form the basis for modern day mathematics (indeed many of us will still remember learning them in school).  Pythagoras did not invent numerology however, what he did was to take it to a new level.   Pythagoras believed numbers could be found in every area of life.  Each number from 1 to 9 had its own specific properties, and Pythagoras’s description of all these properties is still a major influence on modern day Numerology.

The underlying belief in Numerology is that your time of birth and the name given to you at birth is no coincidence.  This information has a profound effect on your future life and we can use this information to determine the kind of person you will become and the major challenges that will face you in life.  Indeed it is also possible to use this information when choosing a baby’s name, or indeed choosing a shortened name (or “nick” name) for someone as this too will effect their future development.

People in all walks of life have and continue to consult their numbers before making life changes.  Life events such as getting married, moving house and starting a business (the list is endless) can be planned so as to allow you the best possible chance of success and luck.  For example many of the most successful companies in the Forbes 500 list would have consulted a numerologist when planning their company name and strategy, numerology leaves nothing to chance!

The PURPOSE of numerology is a spiritual one: to help you lead a constructive, joyful life.  No matter your circumstance or past, numerology can help you understand your purpose and destiny for this life.  You can create the life you want using this spiritual tool.  If you desire something more for your life, it is NEVER too late to change directions.  The choice is yours!

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