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Below is a list of the types of reports available for purchase from SBM Numerology.  This list however is not exhaustive, as per item number 10 below if there is something in particular you are looking for please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you:


For an explanation of any of the terms/descriptions used below please CLICK HERE for the GLOSSARY PAGE


Includes Life Path, Expression and Hearts Desire.


This chart provides you with your personal year cycles over a two year period.  This is important if you are planning to start something new (new business, marriage etc)


This is a copy of the chart that is created when making your calculations.  It won’t make any sense without a corresponding report explaining the numbers, but it is a visual chart to look at when you are reading your report (although not necessary).


This is the most comprehensive report that you can buy and can run anything from 50 pages upwards. All of the following are covered: Life Path, Expression, Hearts Desire, Minor Hearts Desire, Birthday, Minor Expression, Personality, Maturity, Bridge, Karmic Lessons, Hidden Passion, Planes of Expression, Balance, Rational Thought, Cornerstone, Subconscious Self, Challenges, Pinnacles, Cycles, Transits, Essence, Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Days.


Ever wonder what affect your address or telephone number has on your day to day life?  With this short report you can find out if your address suits you and what (if anything) you can do to make it more suitable.Particularly useful if you’re considering moving home, or if you feel that you are being defined by a particular home find out what you can do to improve the energy.


Ever wonder if you’re with the right person?  In this report we look at both your numbers and compare your life path, expression, hearts desire and personality numbers and how they react with each other, we also look at the coming years and months to see how your different life circumstances will react with each other.

You may wish to purchase this report if you have begun a new relationship, if you are going through a trying time within a relationship or considering taking a relationship to a new level (eg marriage).

This can also be used for other relationships in your life, for example if you are thinking of going into business with someone, or indeed moving in with someone.

(7) NAME ADVISOR:   €100

Using this report we can compare up to 6 different names or phrases to see the difference strengths and weaknesses with each.  This report would be particularly useful if you are having a baby and considering baby names; also if you are considering starting a new business and searching for an appropriate name, or indeed naming a new house!

(8) LUCKY NUMBERS:   €60

Do you believe that you have a lucky number that lasts your whole life?  Not necessarily!  Using this report we can predict your lucky numbers for months and days over a twelve month period.  While We can’t guarantee winning the lottery or that your horse will come in it can be a useful tool if you work with numbers a lot, or if you do like the odd flutter it could increase your chances.


The Diamond is one of the most powerful and beneficial divination tools numerology has to offer.

Whereas other metaphysical tools reflect an individual’s personality, his or her character traits, talents, future forecast, and so forth, the Diamond reveals the chain of cause and effect that runs through our lives for the purpose of inspiring growth and offering guidance, both on the physical plane and the spiritual plane.This report is particularly helpful for those heading on a spiritual path in life, the top half of the diamond reflects your spiritual evolution while in the bottom half we find our Root (which sets us on a path), our Action Key (which guides us along that path) and the Outcome (which indicates what it is we find at the end of this path). 



Numerology can be used in so many ways within our lives.  If there is something you are looking for help with, or indeed you just wish to know individual aspects of the charts detailed above please contact SBM Numerology and we will tailor a chart to suit you.


All of the reports available to purchase above will be delivered to you in a format that can be read on most computers.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that you have a way of reading the electronic format.  If you wish your report can be printed out and posted to you for an additional fee of €25, if you wish to avail of this option please add this to your shopping cart.

*PLEASE NOTE: this option is only available in addition to an order of an of the reports listed above at 1 – 10.


All reports compiled by SBM Numerology should be self-explanatory as an explanation of each section is provided within the report.  If for any reason you wish to discuss the report once you have read it then you may purchase a telephone consultation.  All consultations are charged by the hour, not the report type or name. The Owner charges €70 per hour for telephone consultations, €70 is a minimum fee and will charged regardless if the telephone session is less than one hour.  No telephone consultations will be provided without first receiving payment from you.  The purchaser must bear the cost of the telephone call.

*If you wish to purchase a telephone consultation please go to the BOOK NOW page and book a one hour appointment.  Please put in the notes box that you are booking to discuss numerology.

*PLEASE NOTE: this option is only available in addition to an order of an of the reports listed above at 1 – 10.  It IS NOT POSSIBLE to do a numerology report for you verbally as many hours of preparation work goes into the preparation of a report.

Before you order a report please read our Terms and Conditions

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