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Sandie was right on with my reading today. She touched some issues regarding family, finances and love. I was truly inspired by her expertise. I look forward to the things/changes she saw in my future. I will continue to highly recommend Sandie to anyone that is looking for some direction or confirmation in their life. 

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Joanne, July 13th 2019

For many years I have been offering one hour psychic readings using my tarot cards.  While this method of reading is fun, informative and encouraging it only provides a snapshot of what is coming up based on the energy you present with on a particular day.  Invariably people come back after a couple of months with more questions or concerns.

The origins of psychic work goes back thousands of years to “Soothsayers” (truthtellers) who would foretell events or life paths.  A visit to a Soothsayer was an experience where every aspect of life would be analysed.  Time would be spent discussing the concerns of the customer and advice would be given on life direction including relationships, business, money etc.

This is something that I would like to reintroduce.  Instead of a short one dimensional view of what’s coming up for you I want to make the Psychic Reading an experience where I can help you over a period of time.  I want to capture all of your questions, allay all of your concerns and devise a plan for you going forward so that there is no confusion or apprehension, only clarity.

By working with me over a series of sessions we will use tarot cards, numerology, spiritual assessment, and even mediumship to envisage a future for you that is not only what was planned for you when you arrived on earth, but also one that helps you to realise your purpose and gives you a powerful new direction that fulfils your desires and dreams.

Loved my reading from sandie shes so accurate and honest absolutly amazing and cant wait to get another reading from her.highly recommend this amazing woman.

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Irene, October 20th 2019

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