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Well done on visiting this website and taking the first steps to your spiritual experience with Sandie.

Sandie is a Psychic Medium, a trait passed down through many generations of her family.  For years Sandie has been sharing her abilities with people across many countries and continents and has managed to build her reputation as one of the top Psychic Mediums of her generation even being compared to the famous and world renowned Irish Psychic Medium Eileen Garrett.

Whether you are looking to have that meaningful and emotional reconnection with your loved ones in Spirit, are looking to reassess your path in life or you are looking to develop your own abilities Sandie has a programme to help you.

Choose from one of the menus below to choose which area you are looking for in particular.  Once you are clear what you are looking for from Sandie then please feel free to use the link within each category to book a FREE discovery session to discuss further.

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Medium Readings

Don’t just look for a reading, expect an experience with your loved ones that will help you move beyond your grief.


Using her deep connection to the spirit world passed down through generations of her family, Sandie now offers packages to work with her over time to build up a clear vision and purpose for your future.

Mediumship Mentoring

Everyone has the ability to connect with spirit but sometimes we need guidance in order to easily recognise the signs and communicate easily. 

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