Medium Readings

Are you looking to connect with someone who has passed away?

What you can expect from your reading

Firstly let me say that, despite how long it’s been since your loss, I’m very sorry that you went through it.  From experience I know that time doesn’t actually heal anything, it just gives us space to get used to living with the loss! Take this time to concentrate on your wellness. Take this time for yourself and make your healing a priority.

  • 60 minute ONLINE reading (Please book a time where you have  90 minutes free in case we run over)
  • Full explanation of how mediums connect
  • Video recording of your reading for you to download and keep
  • Pre-reading checklist to prepare yourself for your reading
  • Spiritual Affirmations to help you to ground yourself after your reading (Audio Download)
  • Guaranteed connection or your money back
299 Reading Price
  • You can book & schedule your reading using the scheduler below
  • A €50 deposit is required to confirm your booking (deposit is non-refundable)
  • The balance of the reading must be paid in full at least 5 days before the reading (the cost can be paid in stage payments - see instructions in email sent with invoice)

Make Your Booking Here

Make Your Booking

We all are brought up in different environments, and I quickly recognised through sharing my ability with others, that people began to seek me out to help them to move beyond grief, hurt and confusion.

For years I have been sharing my abilities with people across many countries and continents and I have managed to build my reputation as one of the top Psychic Mediums of my generation, and I am proud to have even been compared to the famous and world renowned Irish Psychic Medium Eileen Garrett.

Whether you are looking to have that meaningful and emotional reconnection with your loved ones in Spirit, are looking to reassess your path in life or you are looking to develop your own abilities, I have a programme to help you.

So if you have been bereaved, had a life change or are simply confused about life or career path I can help you to Move Beyond all of these issues by reconnecting with your loved ones, helping find structure after change and enabling you to gain clarity on your life path. 

My Psychic and Mediumistic abilities are just tools to help you realise your purpose and Move Beyond the grief and hurt to create a powerful new direction that fulfils your desires and dreams. Take a closer look at my services below, choose which area you are looking for in particular.

Once you are clear what you are looking for, please feel free to use the link within each category to book your FREE discovery session to discuss further. If you have any questions please use the contact information at the bottom of the page.