Medium Readings

I offer one to one personal readings, or appointments for those
who need to move past the grief that occurs with loss. In
order to experience healing from grief we must first
understand that death is not the end and that our
loved ones are still living and watching out for us.

Reconnecting with our loved ones in spirit is a great way to get
validation that life after death is real. Using the mediumistic
ability that I was born with, that has been passed down
through generations of women in my family.

I receive messages from your loved ones to validate (a) that it is
your loved one and that they have made it to the spirit world,
and (b) that they still see what’s going on in your life.
The reading is intended to bring
you peace of mind and to help you with the grieving process.

Mediums are translators. Spirit connect with us in a different way
than we connect with each other here on earth, therefore all
I do is translate what I receive from spirit into a format that you
can understand. There is no prior knowledge of mediumship
required. If you 
are looking to book your first reading please
do not be nervous, 
these are your loved ones that we’re talking
about, they come to us with, and in, love always.

Readings are recommended for anyone 18 years and over.

Young adults 16 years and over will be catered for but only
if they are accompanied by a parent.

(For full terms and conditions of readings please click T&Cs button).

Individual Session

This appointment is for one person only. This appointment yields the best results for reading as no unrelated energy is produced. This reading is the best option for a young adult being accompanied by a parent.

Family Session

This session is for two or more people who wish to be read together. Attendees must be from the same family and connected by blood. The reason for this is that if you introduce different energies into a reading then the energy is divided and the reading is broken up. It’s best if attendees are all related and looking to connect to the same family members. For example, a family of siblings may attend if they are looking to connect with deceased parent(s). It’s not advisable to include the spouses of the siblings in the readings as their energy will introduce their own loved ones into the reading also parents, grandparents etc. Spouses may be read together only if they are connecting with a deceased child, the childs siblings may also attend if they are over 16 years old. If there are in laws, cousins etc that are looking for connections it is advisable that they book their own individual session.

Priority Session

Sometimes people require a reading at short notice, where this can be accommodated then I will be happy to schedule this for you. A priority session can be scheduled for individuals or families and where possible will be scheduled within 48 hours. It is advisable that you email or phone me directly if you are looking for a priority session so that your reading can be scheduled as soon as possible.

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IRE: (0504) 60069 / (087) 175 0462

UK: (0203) 627 4281

USA: (0917) 720 0135

CA: (437) 8868419

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Why do people visit Psychic Mediums?

Download my free guide detailing the top 8 reasons people seek readings from Psychic Mediums. Also, learn the difference between a Psychic and a Medium Reading and read some testimonials from past clients..

We all are brought up in different environments, and I quickly recognised through sharing my ability with others, that people began to seek me out to help them to move beyond grief, hurt and confusion.

For years I have been sharing my abilities with people across many countries and continents and I have managed to build my reputation as one of the top Psychic Mediums of my generation, and I am proud to have even been compared to the famous and world renowned Irish Psychic Medium Eileen Garrett.

Whether you are looking to have that meaningful and emotional reconnection with your loved ones in Spirit, are looking to reassess your path in life or you are looking to develop your own abilities, I have a programme to help you.

So if you have been bereaved, had a life change or are simply confused about life or career path I can help you to Move Beyond all of these issues by reconnecting with your loved ones, helping find structure after change and enabling you to gain clarity on your life path. 

My Psychic and Mediumistic abilities are just tools to help you realise your purpose and Move Beyond the grief and hurt to create a powerful new direction that fulfils your desires and dreams. Take a closer look at my services below, choose which area you are looking for in particular.

Once you are clear what you are looking for, please feel free to use the link within each category to book your FREE discovery session to discuss further. If you have any questions please use the contact information at the bottom of the page.